Welcome to Cane-line downloads/press portal

Here you will find a continuously updated archive of images, 2D and 3D files, maintenance manuals, press releases and marketing materials.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please email info@cane-line.com for assistance.

For Press
You are welcome to use the images in this archive. If you use one of our images for a publication, we would appreciate very much if you include the product name and designer, and the Cane-line name, and if possible link to www.cane-line.com  or #caneline.

Images & Drawings

- On location images
- Cut out images (transparent background)
- Product drawings

Maintenance Manuals

- PDF's in English, German and Danish
- Best practice maintenance tips
- Cane-line product materials

Press Releases

- English press releases
- German press releases
- Danish press releases

Marketing Materials

- Logo, flyers, catalogues etc.
- Shop displays and product sheets
- Product videos, video highlights etc.